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Legal Services

We provide the following services  

Legal consultation and undertaking litigation throughout the Kingdom for the following cases :
Criminal Case : On theft, snatching, gang-robbery, cheating and fraud, misappropriation etc.  
Civil Case : On breaching of contract, in default of payment, wrongful act, claim damages, and claim compensation for etc.
Labour Case : On disputes occurring out of labour, unfair termination, and demanding for remuneration.
Intellectual Property Case : On trading, exchange of goods, or international monetary instruments, international service, International transportation, insurance, and other juristic acts relating to criminal and civil cases on trademark, copyright, and criminal case relating to trade offences etc.
Bankruptcy Case Filing bankruptcy case against the debtor, petition for obtaining the  payment, etc.
Administrative Case : On the case arising out of suffering or damage caused by the action or omission of administrative agencies or state official or against any dispute in respect of administrative agreement, etc.
Cheque Case : On demanding of payment by cheque in a civil claim, criminal litigation under the law in relating to the offenses arising out of the use of cheque etc.
Family Case :  consultation on the marriage of Thai nationality and foreigners, preparation of a prenuptial agreement, contracts upon divorce, breach of contract, lawsuit filed for divorce, demanding for maintenance or child support, registration of child legitimation etc.
Estate Case : Applying for distributing of the estate, appointing of the estate administrator.
Land Case : This case relates to contentious possession of land, land disputes, land servitude, right of superficies, usufruct, right of habitation , etc and other types of cases.

2.  Debt Collection locally and abroad Providing service for debt negotiation, making a compromise with creditor, and preparing of debt acknowledgment  

3. Case execution of judgment or of the order of the court : We provide services of searching for the ownership of lands and other properties either movable or immovable properties of the debtor, case execution or the enforcement action to ensure compliance with the court judgment or court order, such as to deprive the estate auction and to get the money from the auction, etc.

4. Legal advisor on international legal issues or coordinate for prosecution abroad.

5. Vetting draft of juristic act, contracts and agreements both English and Thai : Such as sale and purchase contracts, lease agreements , agreement to acquire leasehold, hire purchase agreement, construction contract, loan agreement, surety contract , loan agreements, agent agreement,  memorandum of agreement upon divorce, certain types of power of attorney, as well as preparing company article of work, etc.
6. Vetting and certifying of translation of foreign documents, e.g. certain agreements, will.
7. Providing consultation on legal matters in related to businesses
8. Business Registration, partnership limited, sole proprietor, commercial registration, body of persons, such as registration of establishment of company limited, partnerships, commercial registration, preparation of lists of shareholders, changes of directors, and the amendment of any particulars of juristic persons, preparing of meeting notice, preparing of meeting of shareholders or directors. Preparing of meeting minutes, share transfer agreement, company’s Articles of Association, shareholder register, dissolution and liquidation of juristic entity, investigation of status of juristic person, and applying for certain of certified copy of documents in various type, etc.

9. Registration of Intellectual Property : patents (inventions, industrial designs), petit patent,  service mark and trademark. certification marks, เครื่องหมายร่วม, challenging of application for registration, and preparation of license agreements.
10. Services of Notary Public. Notarization of signature and documents, eg. Notarization of copy of document, signature, affidavit, and statement  

11. Acting as agent for registration of rights or juristic acts on real estate such as mortgage, pledge, sale with right of redemption, sale and purchase, exchange, gift, hire of property, hire purchase, registration of servitude, contentious possession, habitation, right of superficies, usufruct, etc.  Takeover housing rights of usufruct etc.

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