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Investigation and Information Services  


Investigation and Information Services
The company provides investigative and information as follows.
1. Investigating of property for case execution and other cases, investigation of financial status or individual profile, company, individual entrepreneur.
2. Preparation of report on the status or credibility of individual, companies, both local and abroad.
3. Investigate for evidence for the case prosecution local and abroad.
4. Investigating and searching for data in relating to criminal, civil, or bankruptcy cases.
5. Investigation the accuracy of information, proof of identity, the decease of person.
6. Investigation the accuracy of information, registration with government offices, private sectors, company, firms.
7. Being an ad hoc team for investigating, follow up, coordination of prevention and suppression of the offense related to economic crime, commercial offences, financial crimes, and violations of intellectual Properties.
8. Investigation and verification of facts in particular cases.

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