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Business Services  

                        We provide the following services 

1. Various permit applications such as applying for a license to set up a plant, to operate the plant, renewal of the License, transfer of plant operation, renting or leasing the or sale of the plant, sale and purchase of business, and restructuring of companies.

2. Application for a license to operate certain businesses. Such as applying for permit with the Excise Department for liquor, food, tobacco.
3. Applying for investment promotion from government section
4. Applying for work permit / working visa such as working visa, dependant visa for the family member, renewal of work permit and renewal of working and dependant visa. Applying for a residence in the Kingdom.
5. Applying for foreign business operation. Such as applying for foreign business license for foreign own company or representative office of foreign business in Thailand. Applying for certified copy of the business license or certificate or other related documents.

6.  Applying for approval of work of foreigners : Such as applying for renewal of work permits, applying for replacement of the permit, change or removal of work or type of work, appealing the decision of the authorities.  
7. Social Security Such as applying for the insured under Social Security

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