Preparation of legal entities who are the data controller or data processor.

The readiness of a juristic person, title holder, business person that has the collection, use, or disclosure of personal data of the customers or employees. If you are an organization that collects, uses, processes, disclose or exposes personal data of  customers and employees. Along with users who are individual persons that are latent with data of a legal entity who is in partnership, business partner, sales representative or provides service to you must be prepared for PDPA compliance of protecting personal data that will arise in the year 2021 as follows.

  Verify, review personal data that your organization collects, uses, processes, discloses, assess, reveals at present whether what categories the data has been collected, this could be both personal and sensitive data

   Collate the objective authentic in collecting, gathering, using, processing, disclosing personal data and selecting group(s) of data only as needed.

  Determine the policy in the facet of the protection of personal data within the organization for both the policy in data protection, and policy in the facet of the security of the data.

  Prepare the documents, forms, announcements, agreement for the customers, employees, business partners, partnerships, and agents for an operation according to the law and policy in the field of the protection of personal data.

  Review the system of IT and Software related within the administration and the manipulation of the collection, the processing of all the personal data within the organization.

  Educate and comprehend propositioning the personal data protection law with a personnel group that has to have the duty to proceed with personal data within the organization.

  Establish the working group or person to perform the duty, “Data Protection Officer : DPO” in organization or outsourcing that has the proficiency to come into act, “Data Protection Officer : DPO” of the organization.


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