Work Accomplish

  • Assisting foreign clients to set up a foreign owned company limited and successfully applying for Business license under the Foreign Business Act B.E.
  • Assisting foreign clients to set up a Representative Office in Thailand and successfully applying for Business license under the Foreign Business Act B.E.
  • Providing service for trade mark registration in Thailand
  • Preparing an appeal for the client at the Dika state and the court finally overturn the judgment of the lower court and gave the judgment in the benefit of the client. 
  • Assisting foreign clients for preparing and filing a visa and work permit for working in Thailand
  • Arranging and assisting foreign client wishing to buy a condominium in Thailand under the Condomenium Act B.E. by being the middleman between the owner of the condo and the related land office.  
  • Assisting local clients to set up offshore company abroad and arranging an account opening with foreign bank in Hong Kong
  • Preparing a letter of inquiry requesting the Revenue Officer to provide clearer statement for certain tax issues

Some Corporate Clients 

  •  Advance Art and Technology Co., Ltd
  •  AML Solution Co., Ltd
  •  Performance Co., Ltd.
  •  APCO Co., Ltd.
  •  Aquilus Lens (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  •  ARK Insights Co., Ltd.
  •  Asco General Supplies (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  •  Ban Rangsiman Ltd.
  •  Bangkok Tourism Chanel Co., Ltd.
  •  Basis Bay (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  •  Begemann Mercury Technology Pacific (BMTP) Co., Ltd.
  •  Benchasiri Park Property Co., Ltd. 
  •  Biz Solution Co., Ltd
  •  Cibes Lift (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  •  DCS Co., Ltd.
  •  Eastwin Asia Co., Ltd.
  •  Essco Solution Co., Ltd.
  •  Forest Park Co., Ltd.
  •  Fuchs Lubricants (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  •  Genemax Healthcare (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  •  Gripwell Co., Ltd
  •  Gullivers Travel Ltd.
  •  IP2S Co., Ltd
  •  Korea Development Bank (Thailand)
  •  Krusell (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  •  Lexis Solution Co., Ltd
  •  Linkers Rep. Off. in Thailand
  •  Links Golf Services Co., Ltd.
  •  Marine Oil International Ltd.      
  •  MBT Co., Ltd.
  •  Meinhardt Co., Ltd.
  •  M-Line Management Co., Ltd.
  •  Polaris Technology Limited
  •  M-Line Management Co., Ltd.
  •  Molex (Thailand) Limited 
  •  Nihon Denkei Co., Ltd.
  •  Open Up Engineering Co., Ltd.
  •  Performance Co., Ltd.
  •  Phoenix Design Group Co., Ltd.
  •  Polaris Co., Ltd.
  •  Polaris Technology Limited
  •  Posco Rep. Off. in Thailand
  •  Rodenstock Asia Co., Ltd.
  •  S.K.B Fabri Co., Ltd
  •  Second Half Co., Ltd
  •  Siam Turf Co., Ltd.
  •  Skyhigh Co., Ltd.
  •  SMA Solar (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  •  Smith Naturals Co., Ltd.
  •  SMR Co., Ltd.
  •  Superrich Currency Exchange (1965) Co., Ltd
  •  Supranetcom Asia Co., Ltd.
  •  Taesung Trading Co., Ltd. Rep Off. in Thailand
  •  Taiyo Gases Co., Ltd
  •  TSB Trading Co., Ltd.
  •  Turkish Airlines
  •  Uni-Impex Co.,Ltd
  •  Union Steel Co., Ltd. Rep. Off. in Thailand
  •  Winsome Green Co., Ltd



Counterparts Abroad

  • Asiaciti , Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Assicom , Italy
  • Credit Reform , Germany
  • FCI , United Kingdom 
  • Kredinor , Norway
  • Marginalen International , Sweden
  • OMC , Hong Kong



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