Pursuant to the recent restructuring of the Company, we are at your service to provide the following.    

Legal Services
A. General Litigation Service

Legal consultation and undertaking of litigation throughout the Kingdom for the following cases --

1. Criminal Case : Offences against property, life, and body, etc., under the Penal Code and offences under any other laws having criminal charge.    in relation to property, life, and body etc. in accordance with the Penal Code and the offences under other laws having criminal charge.
2. Civil Case : Matters relating to breach of contract, default of payment, wrongful act, claim for damages, and claim for compensation, etc.

3. Labour Case : Matters relating to disputes arising out of labour, unfair termination, demand for remuneration, etc.
4. Intellectual Property and International Trade (IP & IT) Case  : Matters relating to exchange of goods or international monetary instruments, international service, international transportation, insurance, and other juristic acts concerning criminal and civil cases on trademark or copyright, and any criminal cases relating to trade offences, etc.
5. Bankruptcy Case :  Filing a bankruptcy case against the debtor, filing a petition for obtaining payment, filing a motion for an order to have a share in the attached or seized property,  etc.

6. Administrative Case : Cases arising out of suffering or damage caused by the wrongful action or omission of administrative agencies or State officials or cases on any dispute in respect of administrative agreement, etc.

7. Cheque Case  : Matters relating to payment by cheque in a civil claim, or criminal litigation for offenses arising out of the use of cheque, etc.
8.  Family Case : Consultation on marriage between a Thai nationality and a foreigner, preparation of prenuptial agreement, contract upon divorce, breach of contract, lawsuit 
9.  Estate Case : Applying for distribution of the estate, appointment of estate administrators, etc.
10.  Land Case : Matters relating to contentious possession of land, land disputes, land servitude, right of superficies, usufruct, right of habitation , etc.
11.  Tax Case : Consultation on tax issues. 

B. Debt Collection Service
1.  Debt Collection locally and abroad : Providing services for debt negotiation, making a compromise with creditors, preparing of debt acknowledgment, etc.  

2.  Execution Cases of court judgment or order : Providing services of searching for ownership of lands and other movable or immovable properties of the debtor, case execution to enforce the court judgment or order, such as to seize the property and put the property on sale by auction, and to get the money from the auction, etc.
C. International Legal Advisory Service

1.  Legal advice on international legal issues or coordination for prosecution abroad in both civil and criminal cases.

D. Legal Vetting and Drafting Service

1.  Vetting or drafting of juristic acts, contracts and agreements both in English and Thai  such as sale and purchase contract, lease agreement , agreement to acquire leasehold, hire purchase agreement, construction contract, loan agreement, surety contract , agency agreement,  memorandum of agreement upon divorce, all kinds of power of attorney, as well as preparing company articles of association, etc.

E. Document Translation and Certification Service (both in Thai and English)

1.  Translation of documents both in Thai and English, certifying of translated documents at the Consular Section of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. 

F. Commercial Registration and Business Consultancy Service

1.  Providing legal consultation relating to businesses on such matters as initiative, planning and operating of business as well as registration of the related business.  

2.  Providing commercial registration service for sole proprietorship, ordinary partnership, limited partnership, limited company, and group of persons;
such matters as registration of establishment of limited companies, limited partnerships and preparation of list of shareholders, change of directors, and amendment of any particulars of juristic persons; preparation of meeting notice, meeting of shareholders or directors,  meeting minutes, share transfer agreement, articles of association, shareholder register, dissolution and liquidation of juristic entity; investigation of the status of juristic person, and applying for required certified copies of documents, etc.

G. IP Registration Service

1.  Providing service for registration of Intellectual Property such as patent, petty patent, service mark, trademark, collective mark, certification mark, and notification of the ownership of copyright.

H. Agent Representation Service

1. Acting as an agent for registration of rights or juristic acts relating to certain immovable property such as mortgage, pledge, sale with right of redemption, sale and purchase, exchange, gift, hire of property, hire purchase, servitude, contentious possession, habitation, right of superficies, usufruct, etc.  
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