Other Services


N. Service for Highly Specialized Matters   


Providing services for the following highly specialized matters --

1. Re : Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Litigation : Consultation on solving the problems of taking litigation against the offenders of money laundering, or of the property being confiscated or frozen under the anti-money laundering laws, as well as on rendering legal advice to those allegedly committing the criminal offence of money Laundering.

2. Re : AML Internal Management : Consultation on policy planning, problem solving or improving of specialized internal audit program relating to the measures on  AML/CTF/CPF (Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorist Financing /Counter-Proliferation Financing) within organizations and businesses.

3. Re : AML Risk Management & Compliance : Consultation on preparing risk management plan, and supervision of the implementation under the anti-money laundering measures for organizations or businesses.

4.  Re : Financial Transaction Analysis for Civil/Criminal Litigation : Consultation on financial route analysis to resolve the issues for those involved in civil or criminal disputes.

5.  Re : Financial Investigation & Fraud Detection : Consultation on  investigation and analysis of financial information as well as detection of cheating and fraud.

6. Re : AML/CFT/CPF-related Information Technology : Rendering Information Technology services in matters associated with Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorist Financing /Counter-Proliferation Financing.

7.  Re : Fintech & IT Laws : Consultation on Computer-related Crime Act, Electronic Transactions Act, and other IT laws.

9. Re : Keynote Speaker : Rendering services of educating or lecturing on comprehension of AML/CTF/CPF, of tricks or swindles of online criminals, of fraud as well as the importance of AML/CTF/CPF impact on today's businesses.

10.  Re : AML News Updates : Reviewing, analyzing, and updating news relating to AML/CTF/CPF as well as related legal and academic articles.
11. Promotion & Personal Image : Juristic person, business relating to products and business services

                                                                                                  Special Service

O. Special Promotion Service   

1. Promoting the image of person, corporation, or business in connection with their goods, products, or business services.
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